Here are just a few of the ridiculous accusations made by Facebook
against my account and later used as justification to delete my page

This is not a sexual image
If this image sexually excites you, please seek mental help

This is not a sexual image
Trump is a pig, but these images were published by every major news agency

This is not a self-harm, this is satire
It mocks Trump's assertion that maybe we could use bleach or UV light to fight Covid
No person would take this seriously

This is not a self-harm, this is satire
It's 2 inverted spray bottles, their siphons out of any possible liquid

Why I think I was targeted:

(Proof of malicious intent)

The next tactic Facebook started employing was tagging posts of mine with fact checks,
usually by some right-wing biased site, that found some minor discrepancy
with a shared link, thus slapping a warning on my post. Not being one to even give the slightest
impression that I might be sharing tainted data, I would delete any post with a fact-check label.
Facebook then banned me for deleting posts, saying deleting them still was reason for a ban!
This makes it rather obvious that this was never about removing objectional content.
It was always just a punitive action precisely designed to target and harm me.

I am not unique
Facebook has been targeting and suppressing progressive voices
on the platform across the board.
Facebook was actively targeting others who promoted Atheism,
mocked religion, or attacked fascism
...some who never received a single violation:

These are just some of the examples of false accusations against me, and others
There are many more, and no attempt was ever made to reach out to me for an explanation,
or allow me to challenge any of the automated responses.

I strongly recommend contacting the band "Cake",
Trombonist Tom "Bones" Malone, and Bassist Leland Sklar, as well as others,
regarding their firsthand experiences with censorship on the Facebook platform.